Oxbow and Forrest Conservation Areas

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (Tribes) have long traditions of natural resource stewardship. The Tribes identified the Oxbow and Forrest Conservation Areas as Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) mitigation sites, due to their vital roles in anadromous fish habitat protection and recovery. The Oxbow was acquired in 2001, and the Forrest in 2002, with BPA funding. The conservation areas are located near the eastern edge of the Tribes’ Ceded Lands, where they reserve their rights to hunt, fish, gather forest products, and pasture livestock on all unclaimed lands.

The photo above shows a section of new river channel completed in 2014 as part of Phase 3 of the Oxbow Dredge Mining Restoration Project.  This multi-phased, $6 million endeavor is planned to be  completed in 2016.

Our mission is to protect, manage, and enhance habitat that support culturally significant fish populations for the Tribes.  See more…